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What Price Do You Charge for Your Membership Site?

One of the biggest questions I get asked is “how much should I charge for my membership site?”.

This is a great question and it depends on a few different factors, which we dive into in this video.

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Everything from your niche, to what your membership site is about will influence how much you can charge. But, one of my favorite rules of thumb is to charge a smaller amount for your founding members when you first launch.

This way you can get people into your program and lock them in since they are grandfathered into that price.

Remember, when it comes to prices you can always go higher but you can’t go lower if you already have people paying a certain price. If you do, you’ll have to give everyone that lower price.

Click below to download a super awesome printable that will help you figure this all out sooner rather than later.Your Free Membership Guide

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