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How to Build a Business with No Money + Free Workbook

Thanks to the internet, you can absolutely start a business with no money. The key is to focus on building your audience. Here are 4 ways that you can do this.

We live in an amazing time and starting a business online can be done with very little money!

In fact, we started FEA without investing a lot of money.

The key is to focus on building your audience. Here are 4 ways that you can do this.


Join Facebook groups and help people from your area of expertise. Focus on building relationships and become known as the go-to person for a particular skill. Soon people will start coming to you and referring to you when they have a problem that they know you can solve.


Pick one social media platform to focus on and build your following. Take a course or subscribe to a podcast show that will help you become amazing at that platform. As you grow your following and build relationships, you’ll be able to drive traffic from social media to what it is that you offer.


Get out of your workspace and go meet people in real life at events. This could be a small meet up or a big conference. Magical things happen when you go out and have meaningful conversations with people who all come together for an entrepreneurial purpose.  You never know where these types of connections may lead to!


The more consistent you are, the more things will start working for you and coming together. So create a plan for how you are going to be consistent. It can be as simple as “I commit to giving value in this Facebook group at least once a day,” or it can be as elaborate as a whole calendar of content that you schedule to go out on your Facebook page well ahead of time. The key is to pick a plan that you can actually stick to.

There you have it! I know that if you get going with these 4 tips, you will see that it is more than possible to start a business with no money. To help you with all this, we’ve created a workbook to help you take action. Putting pen to paper when your brimming with new information and ideas is the first step to turning advice into reality, so click the button below and go print off your workbook. :)

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