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How to pivot in your business with Tara Gentile

Tara Gentile joins us on the She Means Business podcast today with an amazing story of how she started her business with a brand new baby and grew it from a grass-roots level to 6 figures in 18 months. How did she do it? By focusing intensely on the people she was serving (in the arts and crafts movement), who in the beginning were literally the people in her local community!

In this episode, Tara shows how she has been able to pivot in her business and evolve her brand to the point that it is today. I love how she touched on the importance of creating a community that grows with your brand. 

It’s a great lesson to learn since growth in business often requires us to pivot and go in a direction that isn’t 100% in line with how we started out.

So, to learn how to do that successfully and maintain an audience that follows you no matter what, have a listen to this week’s entrepreneurial chat. :) Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment to be in with a chance to win something AMAZING – a spot in one of Tara’s upcoming online retreats – worth $3,400.00!

youwill learn…

>> how Tara’s entrepreneurial journey started with one frustrating phone call

>> the amount of time it took her to replace her income and how she reached that point by focusing on community

>> why you shouldn’t worry about doing everything the “right” way

>> how online courses helped her scale to 6 figures

>> how Tara was able to pivot into doing what she really wanted to do in her business 100% of the time

>> how long it takes to successfully evolve your brand into a new direction (tip: be ready to let go of people who are no longer a good fit)

>> why email marketing is the heart of Tara’s ability to cultivate a thriving community

>> the magic of speaking to “one person” in your emails.

>> Tara’s secret for “keeping it all together” (and a personality test that can help you on this)

>> What Tara does to overcome blocks/self-sabotage

Click below to listen…

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