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How Cailen Ascher Works 3 Days a Week to Build a 6-Figure Business

Cailen Ascher built a 6 figure business in 10 months working only 3 days a week. Sound like a dream come true? Then you definitely will want to tune into today’s episode. In this movie style podcast of today’s episode, Cailen would like to set the vibe of a heart centered romantic comedy with some drama.

How often do you feel like you are working non-stop all week long on your business and still end up wishing there was more time at the end of the day? We’ve all been there so many times; I know I have! That is why this week’s podcast interview with Cailen Ascher is such a wake-up call to the fact that there is a better way. Cailen has been able to build a 6 figure business working only 3 days a week! How amazing is that?!

Now, Cailen is quick to point out that working 3 days a week is what suits her lifestyle whilst another entrepreneur who truly enjoys working twice as much is doing what makes sense for them. However, as Cailen reminds us, our work contracts or expands to fill the time we allot to it. So, really, our productivity hinges on us taking the responsibility to build parameters around how much time we choose to get something done and how deeply we focus on one aspect of our business at a time. In the interview, Cailen gives us insight into exactly what those parameters look like in her business.

Sound intriguing? Then you’ll really enjoy listening to how Cailen created this reality for herself. I’m sure as entrepreneurs striving to balance life and business (without going completely crazy), we can all benefit from her example.

youwill learn…

>> How Cailen transitioned from a successful career in interior design to becoming a sought-after clarity coach.

>> Why going through “the wrong stuff” helps us get to “the right stuff.”

>> Why you can have a ridiculously successful business without having it all figured out (insert sigh of relief here). ;)

>> How the birth of Cailen’s daughter gave her the clarity to create a business that is “fully her” and lets her work only 3 days a week.

>> How Cailen came to the realisation that making a lot of money is not about the “hustle and grind 24/7” and what works better instead.

>> Simple but powerful practices you can add to your “bag of mindset magic tricks.”

>> Specific, refreshing tips for how you can start creating your own 3-day work week and more!

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