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how to get out of your own way and build a business with authenticity and integrity with Jenn Scalia [Podcast]

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Jenn Scalia shares her inspiring story today – how she went from rock bottom to 7 figures in less than three years. Jenn is a visibility strategist for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact and her main goal is to help others get their story out there in an authentic way. Jenn shares with us today how she built her business despite being an introvert and a single mom.

The Accident Business Owner

Unlike many other entrepreneurs Jenn actually loved her job, was making good money and enjoyed the people she worked with. Having a job at a major casino in her area, there was little to complain about. One fate filled day Jenn showed up to work only to be informed that she no longer had a job.

Not knowing where else to turn she decided at that point that she would work for herself this time, but it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Your first year in business is always bumpy and she wants others to know that despite her success today, Jenn’s start was rough as well. Taking her almost an entire year to get her first client, there was a huge learning curve. Thinking there had to be an easier way, she made her first large investment in her business and herself and hired a coach. At $7500, the price for her new coach wasn’t the easiest to swallow. She quickly realized she had better take it seriously and put the petal to the metal. Jenn credits this as a huge turning point in her business.

It’s easy to let ourselves down when we work as a solopreneur but having to answer to her coach, Jenn was kept accountable. Doing a lot of the inner work and focusing on her money mindset, Jenn ended up pulling in $35,000 her first profitable year. She realized this was a cap that she put on herself mentally as that was what she  would normally made from a job. The following year, after working on her mindset, she was able to jump to over $500k.

Jenn attributes this to knowing that she was charging what she was worth, giving value and creating content as an expert. Sharing her story of divorce, debt and even moving back in with her parents made her relatable. This helped others be drawn to her that could relate to what she had been to and wanted success for themselves, too. The raw honesty really served her business. In her third year, Jenn got to 7 figures. Getting to that point wasn’t about adding things, but in taking things away. This had a lot to do with removing what didn’t serve her and focusing on what made the business flow.

Realizing that her mindset was what was holding her back was Jenn’s biggest surprise moment on her entrepreneurial journey. She realized that she was the one that had been holding herself back.

Jenn Scalia’s key mindset tips:

  • Step into the person that already has what you desire. If you want to make 7 figures, start talking and acting like a 7 figure earner. Jenn suggests journaling the things that you want in a present or past tense and this is something she does consistently everyday. Jenn writes what comes to mind even if it is repetitive. Once she has achieved it, she moves on to the next thing.
  • Environment is important. This is the people surrounding you as well from who you hire to who is on your team. You want to make sure that you have people on your roster that to see you get to that higher level as well.

Top tips for other entrepreneurs:

  1. Be yourself. Sometimes we can all go into a disjointed path of what we think we need to be- being who you are is so crucial
  2. Be real and authentic. Share your story! People are drawn to what is real and they are drawn to you, not what you are selling.
  3. Be congruent with what you say. If you teach people about money, then you need to know about money. If you tell them to invest in themselves, then you need to invest in yourself. Have integrity in what you are putting out there.

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outlineof this episode

  • [1:13] Intro to this episode with Jenn Scalia on how to get out of your own way and build a business with authenticity and integrity.
  • [2:04] Introduction of Jenn Scalia: from rock bottom to 7-figure business in 3 years.
  • [2:51] Jenn’s business – helping people create a business that is easy and flowing and authentic.
  • [3:45] How Jenn Scalia got started on her entrepreneurial journey. The rough first year.
  • [6:23] The first big investment that changed everything for Jenn.
  • [7:55] The factors that led to explosive growth in Jenn’s business.
  • [11:42] The difference between 6-figure business and 7-figure business.
  • [12:54] Mindset tools and Jenn’s “secret weapon” for conditioning herself for success.
  • [16:52] What helped Jenn Scalia to become so unstoppable?
  • [18:10] What Jenn found unexpected on her journey
  • [19:02] Jenn Scalia’s top tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs
  • [20:57] Lightning Round — Quick business advice and resources
  • [23:17] How to get a chance to win Jenn’s 5-figure funnel, worth $397.

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