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What are your burning business questions?

Hello lovely, I have a favour to ask…

I’ve been making weekly videos since 2012:


I’ve LOVED doing it, but every now and again I reach a point where I feel like I need an overhaul and I’m having one of those moments now.

I sat down to plan out my content for the rest of 2016 and just felt a little lost with it all and then it hit me:


So I made a quick video to share exactly what I’d love your help with.

Ultimately, my mission with the Female Entrepreneur Association is to inspire and empower women from around the world to build successful businesses. This is what I’m utterly passionate about, so what content would you love me to create that would help inspire and empower you every week to keep going and keep growing your business?

If you can spare a couple of minutes to watch the video below and share your feedback either in a comment or via this form here, I would be so grateful…

help me

If you could leave a comment below or fill out this form here and let me know what you’d love to see me create I would appreciate it so much! Here’s what my questions are:

Are there any business topics you’d love be to talk about?

Do you have any burning business questions you’d love me to answer? (If you want your question to be featured in a video, fill out this form here >>)

Do you prefer videos that are more professionally put together or do you like videos that are more off the cuff? 

Do you prefer podcasts to videos? 

Do you like interviews with other entrepreneurs? If so, are there any entrepreneurs you’d love me to interview? 

I would love any feedback you have.

Thank you so much for helping me to improve my videos and make FEA better. I’m determined to keep making the Female Entrepreneur Association an amazing and inspiring platform for women around the world.

You’re the best!

Carrie xx

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