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Hello lovely,

I’m so excited that you’re interested in getting involved with my book! One of the reasons I started the Female Entrepreneur Association was to bring like-minded women together to share their stories and help inspire and empower one another.

So, I want to continue this into the book and share snippets of other people’s stories, because it’s powerful to think that we could be from totally different parts of the world and have had totally different life experiences, but here we are (thanks to the internet), turning our ideas into a reality and on a mission to build successful businesses.

While I can’t feature everyone’s story in the book, I’d love to feature some of them and I’d love to create a campaign around the book to share the incredible stories I collect.

So if you’d like to get involved all you need to do is fill out and submit the form below.

I don’t mind what stage of business you’re at – I’m looking for stories from people who are just getting started, from people who have started to build momentum and make progress and people who are doing incredibly well.

Just make sure what you share is authentic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By submitting the form below you are giving me permission to feature your story in my book and/or in an online campaign or press campaign.

I’m excited to have you part of this!

Carrie xx

Book Stories
You don't have to share this with us, but I wanted to collect this information, so I can back up the fact that people of all ages are making amazing things happen!
If you don't want me to include what you've shared in the book, then tick no and hit submit. I won't use what you've shared, but I'd still love to read about your journey.



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