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3 things to try when you feel confused as an entrepreneur

In this week’s video I thought I’d open up about my experience of feeling confused as an entrepreneur and how I deal with it, so that it doesn’t stop me.

As an entrepreneur I feel confused most of the time, it’s one of the things I find the most frustrating about being an entrepreneur.

You come up with an idea and get so excited about it and then as you embark on the journey things slowly (or sometimes rather quickly!) begin to unravel, as you realise that you don’t really know how to do what you need to do or what decisions you should really be making, and that’s when the confusion sets in!

I’ve experienced it time and time again and the biggest lesson I’ve come to learn is that even though being confused feels uncomfortable and frustrating, it’s actually a really good sign…

It’s a sign that you’re pushing forwards, you’ve set your goals and you’re trying to reach them and that’s amazing.

So if you said to me, “Carrie, I never feel confused, ever.” I’d actually be more concerned for you.

All that being said, confusion does have a way of tricking us into thinking that we can’t do it or that it’s all hopeless, it really can slow us down or even stop us, so while it might be a sign of good things, it’s something we have to learn to manage.

So in this week’s video I thought I’d open up about my experience of feeling confused as an entrepreneur and how I deal with it, so that it doesn’t stop me.

I’ve also made a “Get Unconfused” worksheet to help you whenever you need to move past confusion, download it here >>


+ Leave a comment below and let me know whether you ever feel confused as an entrepreneur and what helps you :)


Here’s an overview of the tips you can take when you feel confused…


Get a pen and a piece of paper and write down why you’re confused. If you’re still feeling confused after that, talk it out with yourself, out loud… watch the video above for more on this.



Often when we feel confused, we detach from our goals and vision, so take some time to reconnect. Give yourself permission to dream about what you truly want to create without judging or questioning it.



While doing the exercises above you’ll probably start to realise what you need to do or maybe someone will pop into your head who can help you… when you give yourself the space to work on it all, your intuition will likely kick in and you’ll naturally start to see the way forward. When this starts coming into your mind, make sure you write it down, so that you can take action on it.


Even though entrepreneurship really does look like this…

What entrepreneurship looks like

It’s so worth it, so keep on going :)

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Carrie xx

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