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Four Types of Facebook Ads Every Entrepreneur Should Try Out


Four Types of Facebook Ads Every Entrepreneur Should Try Out


Facebook ads have been a huge part of my marketing strategy from practically day one. I’ve used them to expand my reach and get in front of the people who find what I create helpful. In the beginning I focused my ads on increasing my page likes, then I transitioned into using ads to build my email list and then I started to use ads to generate sales, largely by advertising to my existing fan base and network.

Without Facebook ads I would never have been able to amass the following of over 230,000 that I have.

Facebook is powerful, it enables you to compete in a way you never would have been able to a few years ago. With just a couple of dollars, you can now begin to get in front of your perfect audience.

The thing is, who knows how long Facebook ads will remain this cheap and this effective!? So you’ve got to up your Facebook ads game now.

Someone who can help you with this is the lovely Julie Hagan Lowe, founder of Socially Aligned. In this 10 Minute Masterclass she shares four different types of Facebook ads that you definitely need to test out if you’re not using them already.

In this masterclass you will learn:

  • What kind of Facebook ads are converting well and how to incorporate them into your marketing strategy
  • How to use Facebook Ads to help you grow your list and maximise your Facebook Ads budget
  • How to you can get started with Facebook Video Ads

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Julie Lowe is a social media strategist and founder of Socially Aligned.  Julie creates social media strategies for busy entrepreneurs who desire more leads, more sales, and a real plan to grow their business.



Here’s a quick breakdown of what we covered in the video…



  This is a great place to start as it’s one of the easiest ads to do. You can grow your fan page, which helps with credibility, get some free reach and when you’re ready to advertise your goods, you’ll find it’s cheaper and converts better.



This is one of the most common types of Facebook Ads.  You are advertising your freebie opt-in offer (or discount if you’re selling a product). Once clicked, the ad sends people to a quick freebie, ideally, something easy to consume, and you can then maximise on your ad by placing an additional offer on the thank you page, like an invitation to sign up for a webinar for example.



While video ads may seem a bit out of your comfort-zone, Facebook is rewarding people who do video ads by giving cheaper rates. However, they don’t always convert very well, so make sure you have a compelling intro and include some text in the beginning of the video so people know what it’s about. These ads can be good for branding, introducing yourself, and sharing how you can help. You want to make sure you are providing value, so consider teaching something. If it provides enough value, people may actually share your ad. You can include call to action at the end.



This method involves sending people to an article or video post on your blog, where you’re offering pure value. Give people the opportunity to opt-in from that page on your site. You can then get people to your site and then retarget them.

I hope this video has been helpful for you and that you’re going to give one or all of these different FB Ad options a try!  You’ve got nothing to lose so start testing!


Leave a comment below and share your experience with Facebook Ads, tips or ask any questions you have.  See you next week,

Carrie xx

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