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Behind the Scenes of my Launch Part One // Overview + Launch Marketing Strategy


Behind the Scenes of My Launch - PART ONE

Last week I finished doing a launch for the Members’ Club and I learned sooooo much from it! It was one hell of an adventure – lots of setbacks and wins and so I thought I’d share it all with you :)

So my goal for the launch was to bring 1200 new members on board and we ended on 1250, which was so exciting (lesson one: make sure you ALWAYS have a target in mind for your launch). In the space of a week I doubled the membership, in fact I had more people sign up in a week than I had the entire first 12 months of running it, which blows my mind.

It was so eye opening for me and so I thought I’d make a couple of videos to share what I did with you, the marketing strategy I used, the mistakes I made and the lessons I learned.

So in this video I share:

1) A complete overview of my launch and what I did

2) The marketing strategy I used

I’m excited to share this all with you – as you’ll see from the video some of the things I did were so last minute and the launch was probably one of the most chaotic weeks I’ve ever experienced in business! But I want to be completely honest and open with you about it all, because quite a lot of people have emailed or commented feeling like the launch or what I do is always so polished and perfected and they feel like they would never be able to do it and I want to let you know that YOU CAN.

I hope you enjoy this video – make sure you leave a comment and share your launching stories, fears, challenges and wins. We’re going to be picking someone to win our 10-Step Launch Workbook from inside the Members’ Club :)

+ as always, I made a little something for you to go along with this video – it’s a Launch Plan for you to use whenever you have a launch coming up :) download it here >>

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Here’s a quick breakdown of what I covered in the video…



The first thing I did was plan out my launch – what I was going to do for my launch, when I was going to do it, what emails I was going to send etc. I mapped it all out so I had a timeline of what would happen. That way I knew what I needed to work on and when.

I chatted through my ideas with my team, mentors and friends and was encouraged to try creating a free video series, which I did… sometimes you need people around you to give you a push outside of your comfort zone so that you raise your game :)



Then I began to create everything… the free video series (which took me FORVER!!!), the email copy, the sales page copy, the graphics, the free workbook, the welcome emails/video. This took me sooooo long and was pretty exhausting.

Like I mention in the video, sometimes when you’re creating things you end up feeling like you can’t see the wood for the trees. For example, when I was writing the copy for my sales page I found it really hard to put myself in the shoes of someone who’d never heard of FEA before. So to get around this I got as much feedback as possible from friends and mentors and I also asked a copywriter to look over it for me.



Once I had everything created (well nearly) I began the launch. This actually started a while ago with getting people to join the waitlist. In the run up to the launch I promoted this more and got people excited about the Members’ Club reopening and told people they could join the waitlist and be the first to get notified once it opened.

My launch was essentially broken down into four phases: 

1) Get people to join the wait list (prelaunch for waitlist)

2) Open cart to waitlist

3) Prelaunch for main enrollment

4) Open cart to everyone

While enrollment was going on for the waitlist (my VIPs, via email), the prelaunch was going on for everyone else and I created the free video series for that.

Here’s a breakdown of what I originally planned out:

1) Launch to VIPs through email

2) Kick off launch with weekly video, which leads into people signing up for free video series

3) Promote the free video series via website banners, email, social media and Facebook ads

4) Promote a separate workbook via social media and ads

So the series + workbooks were my way to add massive value and build a relationship with people who had never heard of FEA before.

Both the series and the workbook shared information about joining the Members’ Club – the day video 3 went live, the enrollment opened for everyone and the VIP enrollment closed.

Once that happened my plan was to spread the word by email, social media and Facebook ads, but I felt like things were a little slow. I had a chat with one of my business besties (Nikki Elledge Brown) about it all and she suggested that I organise a fun hangout with some of the featured experts from inside the Members’ Club. (If you don’t have any business friends you can reach out to for help and support, change that immediately… they’re invaluable).

So within a couple of days I set up the hangout, created party favours for everyone who joined us and then I organised two workshops that I ran over the weekend. Lots of last minute planning and creating, but so worth it!

Then in the last two days of the launch I boosted my Facebook Ads and sent out emails.



My marketing strategy was simple:

I used email marketing, social media + Facebook ads to spread the word about what I was doing: my freebies + my offer.

Rinse + repeat. Simple.


In my next video I’m going to share more with you about the mistakes I made and lessons I learned, but I hope this has been helpful for you.


Leave a comment below and share your launch stories and tips or ask any questions you have… we’re going to be picking someone from the comments to win our 10-Step Launch Workbook from inside the Members’ Club  :)

See you next week,

Carrie xx

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