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2 Vital Strategies For Kicking Stress to the Curb & Preventing Burnout

2 Vital Strategies For Kicking Stress to the Curb & Preventing Burnout

If you’ve been on the verge of burnout when it comes to your business or you feel like you’ve got so many plates spinning all at once that you don’t know where to focus first, this 10 minute Masterclass is going to be just what you need. I was joined by speaker & coach, Sheila Shuster who shares 2 fast and actionable things you can do to slow down and stay in the present moment.

In this masterclass you will learn:

  • Why managing your stress is an essential part of achieving your goals
  • How to get more done without multitasking
  • Two simple things you can do to slow down and stay in the present moment 

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Sheila Shuster began her career in biotechnology and healthcare education. A series of losses and an enlightening experience with her dying father catapulted her in a new direction in 2009. She is now a professional speaker and coach, teaching skills that cultivate a natural calm and help people to discover their capacity to acclimate to change. Sheila’s passion is to share what she has discovered in herself – that looking at life with relaxed attention changes what you see. She enjoys hiking, music, cooking and travel. Sheila currently lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania

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Literally – slow down everything you are doing. Slow down your speech, your walking pace, your actions, everything you do.  Slowing down amplifies the negative noise in your mind.  Once you can hear this noise clearly, you will start to see how irrational it is and can work on changing the pattern.



It’s important to keep your mind focused on the present moment and not racing miles ahead.  Try using a visual cue like our printable or a post-it as a reminder.  When you give THIS moment the attention it deserves you get more out of it.



Challenge yourself to 7 days of making the conscious choice to slow down & “stay here”.

I hope you enjoyed this masterclass and will join me in this 7 day challenge in staying in the present moment.  I know and believe health and peace of mind are essential keys to running and maintaining a successful business.

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Carrie xx

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