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Live Fully Now // Motivational Monday

Live Fully Now

Everyone has their own definition of success, but it all pretty much boils down to a deep desire we all have to feel that we are living full lives.  The speaker in this video compels us to realise that this feeling isn’t something that comes as a result of arriving at a certain point in our journey. Rather, it’s something that we must exercise in the “here and now” if we expect to experience it at all.

I hope this video motivates you to check in with yourself this week and see if you are unconsciously putting off living a full life in any way and embrace the power that you have to feel those feelings of fullness and success NOW instead of later.  :)

Learn to be happy with all that you have while pursuing all that you want. - Jim Rohn


Michelle Rohr

MICHELLE ROHR // Secret OWL Society

Michelle enjoys blogging, anything related to personal development, making printables, and being a part of the FEA community.

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