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3 ways to turn your idea into a reality when you’ve been stalling

3 Ways to Turn Your Idea into a Reality When You've Been Stalling

Perfectionism, fear of failure and feeling like you’re not ready are 3 of the biggest things that stall people in business. FACT. 

So in this week’s video I was joined by the amazing Marie Poulin, founder of, and she shared 3 things you can do to make sure that you get your ideas out into the world and stop stalling…


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Perfection is crippling. Fail now!

We can be so afraid of putting our ideas out there before they’re perfect, and it often comes out in different ways… “oh I’m so busy, I don’t have time” – it’s the fear of starting, the fear of it failing, or people not liking it. But…

Your potential for success is proportionate to your capacity to take risks. 

You have to reframe failure in your mind – commit to failing early and often. Get used to taking little risks.


This is not to say that your first version should be terrible, you should do the absolute best you can, but it doesn’t need to be perfect.

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Take a community-first approach

You’re not alone, so start asking your audience/marketplace what they think of your ideas. Grow a community around your ideas and your products. See how people resonate when you tell them your ideas. What are people asking for?

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Beta test your way to success

Beta test your ideas – it’s an amazing way of getting your idea out there, getting results, getting feedback and testimonials and building your confidence.


Go out there and turn your ideas into a reality, because people will love it!

See you next week.

Carrie xx

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