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Hangout: how to make your website amazing// Live site reviews

How to make your website amazing!

I recently did a live Website Masterclass with the amazing Jessica Rea (following on from a video we made on how to get your website visitors to convert), and we spent the entire time talking about how to make your website amazing and effective.

We did 4 reviews of totally different websites:

1) A personal stylist // skip to this review at 3:14

2) A product based business // skip to this review at 20:10

3) A personal development coach // skip to this review at 46:02

4) A beauty blog // skip to this review at 1:01:00

And shared lots of tips in the process!

We all have websites, and so we all need to make sure our website is conveying our message loud and clear and is converting well. I really hope the nuggets of wisdom in this masterclass help you.

Jessica also created a free guide, Five Essential Elements Every Ladypreneur Website Must Have, which you can get here >>

And she also has an amazing course starting on the 18th March, where she’ll show you how to create a powerful online marketing strategy. Use the coupon code FEA to get $50 off >> 



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