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5 Things To Try This Month // February


One down, eleven more months to go…

I can’t believe we’re already in February, time flies fast. So I want to start off this post by asking you two important questions:

1) What is your focus for February? 

2) What core things do you have to do to make the progress you want this month?

Have a think now and write your answers in the comments below to help you stay accountable :)

We’ve also created a free planner for February to help you have an amazing month! Download it here >>


Now, onto the 5 things we have for you to try this month to help you have the best month ever…

1 circlue


Have you ever tested using a website pop up? If not, then my challenge for you this month is to try it out! They work surprisingly well. A lot of people are worried that they will annoy their visitors – it was a fear I had too, but once I started using one and saw how many people were signing up, I realised that not having a pop up for new visitors was doing a disservice to them, because they wanted to get involved, but didn’t really quite know how to before!

I use the SumoMe plugin, it’s free and you can get it here >>

So download it and set it up today – it’ll only take a few minutes and see how many new subscribers you get this month!

2 circle


How many times do your personal goals go by the wayside, because you’re too busy focusing on your business goals? It probably happens to most of us. So this month make a real effort to give your personal goals as much attention. If you want to go to the gym more, do it, if you want to spend more time reading, do it – your business won’t fall apart because of it :) in fact, it’ll probably just get stronger, because you’re taking more control of what YOU want to do, instead of being run by your business.

3 circle


February is the month of love, so jump on the bandwagon and shower your audience and customers in love! What one thing could you do this month that your audience would LOVE? What would delight them? Have a think and then start spreading the love :)

4 cirlce


Are you happy with how well your website is performing? Most of us are always looking to improve, but we struggle to know what to change/add, because we see our websites every day and so can’t look at it with a fresh pair of eyes to see what needs to be improved…

So why not get a group of friends – maybe 10 or 20 – and ask them to go on your website and get them to answer one question for you. It might be, “Tell me what do I do?” or “what would anyone want to subscribe?” and ask them to email you their response. You’ll discover things you never realised before! It can be so eye opening getting an outsiders perspective, so give it a try… even if you only ask one person!

5 circle


It can be easy to get a little stuck when you’re building a business… it’s happened to me numerous times! The way I’ve found to get over this is to switch my frame of mind and start saying YES to doing things. Whether that’s looking up events to go to and then actually going to them, or picking up the phone and calling someone to get help, or whether it’s joining an online group and daring to put myself out there and ask for feedback. So if you’ve been feeling a little stuck, give this a try!

Put yourself out there and say yes, yes, yes! You’ll be snowballing before you know it, so get ready :)

So there you have it, 5 brilliant things to try this month to help you have an amazing month! Which ones are you going to try? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Have a wonderful February!

Carrie xx

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