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How To Organise & Systemise Your Projects in Asana // Masterclass

[Masterclass below]

Ever get totally overwhelmed just thinking about launching a product, creating a signature program, organising an event, or redoing your website?

Wonder how you could possibly add another thing to your to-do list when your plate is already full? How to maintain your sanity while serving as the project manager, copywriter, video editor, event organiser, media liaison, and content creator all at once?

Let’s face it. Project planning and managing can be intimidating and stressful.

But you can tackle these high-leverage projects—the ones that are really going to take your business to the next level.

You just need to use the right project management software and understand how to break the whole process down into distinct, easy-to-take steps.

Natasha is going to be sharing with you how you can do this with Asana—an amazing project management tool. She’s also going to walk you through the process of managing your project with it. You can use this same approach with just about any project or task management software.

Here are the 5 major steps she covers:

1) Defining the project and setting the deadline + how to set it all up in Asana.

2) Determining the moving parts of the project + how to organise them effectively in Asana.

3) Creating a timeline and delegating tasks.

4) Devising a structure to keep yourself and your team accountable.

4) Planning for success.

So, let’s dive in…

If you would like more help getting your business organised and systemised then Natasha’s program Systematic Success 2.0 will help you so much.


* Enrollment for her next course closes at midnight Saturday 31st January * 

Systematic Success 2.0 guides you through designing a client-intake system, creating a content marketing system, optimising the way you handle social media, and systematising the way you approach making vital connections.

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