if you're feeling like you need to whip your business into shape and get more organised and productive then you will LOVE this interview.

This interview with Rita Barry from Blog Genie is one of my favourites, because what she shared has helped me sooooo much to get better organised with not only blogging (which was kind of the focus), but also with my business in general.

In business one of the biggest challenges we have to figure out is how on earth are we going to actually manage everything we have to do, effectively. For so long this is something I really struggled with.

In fact, two words I used to use to sum up how I felt about how I was running my business were frantic and messy.

The truth was that I had so much going on and I just didn’t have anything organised properly, which is what led to the frantic/messiness of the situation!

Thankfully I finally took the steps I needed to take to straighten things up and while things aren’t perfect, everything is much better and I feel so much more in control and content with it all (sigh of relief!).

So, if you’re feeling like you need to whip your business into shape and get more organised and productive then you will LOVE this interview.

In it Rita shares:

  • How to use a project management tool to stay organised + how specifically she schedules her time, in particular for blogging.
  • A really cool trick for storing inspiration and ideas (I love this!)
  • How to automate your social media effectively

Equipped with the tools and knowledge Rita shares, you will be able to save massive amounts of time. Have a watch below…

+ leave a comment below and let me know if organisation and productivity is something you’ve found to be somewhat challenging in business and anything that’s helped you to overcome it! We’re going to pick someone in the comments to win a brand new bundle we’ve created all about getting organised (which hasn’t even been released yet!)… so get involved :) THIS HAS ENDED NOW

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rita barry Rita Barry is the one woman show behind “Blog Genie.”  As a speaker, designer, developer, and coach, she helps aspiring bloggers finally go big. You can find her teaching blog enthusiasts of all levels to upgrade and professionalize their work in Blog Schoolor you can get immediate (magical) access to her 70+ favorite blogging resources >>









Here’s the breakdown of what Rita shared in her interview above:

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Brain dump everything that’s going on in your head – all of your tasks, projects, ideas – into a project management tool, like Asana. Then set aside 30 minutes a week, open up your project management tool and think about what your big projects for the week are, what are the things that are going to move your business forward? Then plan out your priorities for the week, so that when Monday comes around you know exactly what you need to do.

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You can use Evernote to help you when you’re browsing for inspiration, ideas etc. instead of being sucked down a rabbit hole and wasting lots of time doing things online that you aren’t supposed to be doing, you can save the things you find to Evernote with the click of a button and store them in a list to come back to them at a time which is better and planned out, so you stay productive.

Watch Rita talking about this at 7.43 in the video, she explains it really well.

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Make sure you automate your social media, so that you can share useful stuff effectively, so that you can build amazing relationships with your fans and followers.

Watch Rita talk about this at 12.58.


I would love to hear what you think about this topic – do you ever struggle to stay organised and productive? Share your experiences and tips so that we can all help each other to succeed :)

See you next week for more inspiration, tips & goodies to help you succeed in business!

Carrie xx

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