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Would You Follow You // Motivation Monday


This week’s Motivation Monday video stirs up an important question…

Would you follow you?

The year is ending and it’s a time for reflection and getting focused on the year to come. It’s time to ask ourselves meaningful questions like the ones presented in this video:

Would I follow myself?

Am I expecting for there to always be another tomorrow?

Am I disguising my fear as practicality?

As Les Brown says, don’t be afraid of the challenges that come with self-discipline and the pursuit of success because that is precisely how we grow into people worth following. Who we become in pursuit of our dream is the real treasure. It’s not the achievement of a particular goal that turns us into leaders. It’s who we become in the process.

So, would you follow you? Do you embody the attitude and disciplines of someone worth following?

Let’s make it a goal to embrace the journey with all its ups and downs, grow bigger than our challenges, and become who we need to be in order to answer that question with a resounding “YES!”


Michelle Rohr

MICHELLE ROHR // Secret OWL Society

Michelle enjoys blogging, anything related to personal development, making printables, and being a part of the FEA community.

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