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“It’s You” by Les Brown

It's You by Les Brown

Les Brown has always been one of my favourite motivational speakers. This video reminds us that life is truly what we make it. It’s not what our circumstances make it; it’s not what other people make it…it’s what we make it.  As Les Brown states, “IT’S YOU.”

When we really embrace this (I know, it can be super challenging sometimes!), we move into this place of knowing that we’re going to be all right. We surrender our reasons to feel that things are happening to us. We feel how we choose to feel. Our lives are how we choose to make them. Achieving this mindset takes alot of discipline, but it’s worth it, because when we do so, we are able to take all that time and energy that we may have spent feeling victimized or afraid and reverse it into time and energy spent manifesting our greatness and creating the lives we desire.

In summary, here are my top 4 take-away’s from this video…

1 circlue

Realize that YOU are the deciding factor in your life. Our journey to success is not so much about overcoming outside forces as it is about overcoming ourselves.

2 circle

Believe that you were born to WIN. Nobody is meant to sit on the sidelines. Get in the game.

3 circle

Work diligently and trust that you’re going to be all right. Say it to yourself now: “I’m going to be all right.”

4 cirlce

Live now. Live your story – the story of your greatness and your potential. Don’t let your circumstances or what other people say dictate how you feel about yourself and your potential.



Michelle Rohr

 MICHELLE ROHR // Secret OWL Society

Michelle enjoys blogging, anything related to personal development, making printables, and being a part of the FEA community.

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