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3 Ways To Embrace Your Hormones, To Work With Your Business

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Amazing tips to help you embrace hormones

So before we dive into this week’s video I have a question for you…

Do you ever feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster ride? One day you could be feeling amazing, in control and motivated and then a few days later you feel like you’ve hit a slump and you’re way more emotional – you feel like you could burst out crying at the silliest things and you just want to stay inside and keep to yourself?

I’m going to be honest, this definitely happens to me!! Sometimes I even feel a little psycho and crazy!

But I’m not, and you’re not either if this happens to you… it’s our hormones.

I love being a woman, but throughout the month I definitely notice ups and downs that are usually caused by my hormones changing and I know that this definitely has an impact on:

1) How I feel

2) The decisions I make

3) How I react/handle things

4) How motivated/social I am

When you’re running a business those 4 things are pretty important!!

If you hear me on all of this and experience these kinds of things too then you have to watch this video interview I did with Nicole Jardim. She’s a Women’s Hormonal Health Coach and the creator of Fix Your Period and she seriously enlightened me on just how disruptive our hormones can be!

She also shared:

  • What time of the month is a good time to be social, active and launch new things.
  • When’s best to relax and work on internal business activities – and when you should take a day off!
  • Some great tips on what you can do to help reduce how disruptive your hormones are.

I LOVED doing this interview, it seriously gave me a new perspective on how to handle my emotional ups and downs and I hope it helps you too.


:: Nicole’s website ::

:: 3 part video series that explains hormonal imbalances, period problems and how to begin addressing them ::

:: The 4 Phases of Your Mensuration Cycle ::

:: How to Manage Your Stress Responses Better ::


Here is a breakdown of what Nicole shared…

1 circlue


This is the time to get focused and get lots done. Your body has the right hormones whizzing around to help you with this. Plan to go networking, be social, be really productive.

2 circle


Days 7-16 of your cycle are a good time to launch something new.

3 circle


In the run up to your period and in the days following it is a good time to plan to work on internal business activities – so nothing that requires much of you from a social perspective. You want to be able to relax a little more throughout this phases.

4 cirlce


Women’s bodies are sensitive to cortisol, the stress hormone, and cortisol actually dampens the production of progesterone, the hormone that keeps us calm, so we need to be aware of that and try to reduce it. Our diet plays a big part in helping to manage this. Sugar impacts our cortisol levels, so it’s important to watch your blood sugar levels. For more on this watch the interview at 7:40.


I would love to know what you think about this topic – do your hormones ever impact your business or your motivation? I think this is such an important topic for us all to open up about, so get involved and have your say in the comments below :)

See you next week!

Carrie xx

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