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How to breakthrough & get to where you want + free success visualisation

Back when I started my first business and the Female Entrepreneur Association I had no idea how to do a lot of things!

I didn’t know how to build a Facebook fan page, I didn’t know how to build an email list, I didn’t know how to do YouTube videos, I didn’t know how to build an incredible audience and engage with them, I didn’t know how to create a membership site… I could go on.

The fact it, I was pretty clueless.

This caused a few challenges, because I needed to know how to do those things in order to get to where I wanted to be and I found myself feeling frustrated and totally inadequate.

For quite some time I had this feeling like I was pushed up against a glass window, and everything I wanted was on the other side, but I just didn’t know how to break through!!!!!

And then it happened… I broke through.

So in this week’s video I want to share with you how I managed to break through, and how you can too + as we’re celebrating the 1st birthday of our Members’ Club this week, I wanted to give you a little birthday present, scroll down below to download it :)

To celebrate the 1st birthday of the Members’ Club this week, I’m giving you our “Program Your Mind for Success Visualisation”. Click on the image below to download >>

program mind for success download



Theme from Water for Elephants – I find this song so magical, when I listen to it, it makes me feel like I can (and I will!) make it happen, which is a powerful feeling, but easy to lose touch with.

The Ludlows, from Legends of the Fall – this movie is depressing, so I’m not sure why I like listening to this song, but I think it’s because in the movie it puts into perspective how quickly life goes by and makes me feel like I have to make the most of it. It gives me the push to say “bugger off doubts & worries” and not be afraid to keep going :)

I Can Go The Distance, Hercules – I probably shouldn’t admit this one, lol, but over the years listening to this song has really helped me to stay aligned and keep going. Whenever I feel like I need a breakthrough, this songs helps me to remember that if I just keep going I will get there!

At the river, Groove Armada – I listen to this while imaging being away in some incredible place, with a successful business and my goals achieved. I’m chilling out and smiling, thinking about how amazing it is that I made it happen :)

Theme song from Rocky – this recently added to my list after I did a live hangout in the Members’ Club and we were talking about songs that inspire us and helps us to connect with our goals and someone said this… AMAZING. Such an empowering song!

I would LOVE to know what songs inspire you – leave a comment below :)


1 circlue


When you want to breakthrough, you have to shift your mindset and take it to another level. You might not know how to do the things you need to do in order to get there, but deep down you know the person you need to be in order to get there. So in order to breakthrough, you have to become that person. You have to condition your mind for success.

2 circle


I find it helps to listen to a guided visualisation or to meditate – when we begin to do this consistently, it can bring about massive results!

I also have an ‘inspiration playlist’ of music that I listen to that helps me to feel very emotionally connected to my vision and goals. Create your own playlist and pick a song to listen to every day and as you’re listening to it be visualising and connecting with your goal – see and feel it happening.

CHALLENGE: Download the free success guided visualisation and listen to it every day for the next 7 days and pay attention to any changes or breakthroughs you experience.

3 circle


Breakthroughs can happen quickly, but sometimes it takes a while to really push through. So you have to be consistent. Consistently do the things you need to do and build up the momentum to smash through. I have definitely got to where I am today by being consistent, even when I felt terrible and wanted to give up! You have to push through and keep going.


There are obviously lots of other things that can help you to breakthrough, but I really believe that by focusing on being the person you need to be, staying aligned and connected with your goals, having the right mindset and being consistent you will make breakthroughs happen.

I know it!

If you’re up against that glass wall now, just keep going – condition yourself for success and know that you will breakthrough :)

I believe in you!

Carrie xx

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