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Do the Best You Can // Motivation Monday

Do the best you can...

When we look around in nature, we see that the essence of life is growth to the highest possible extent. As Jim Rohn points out, a tree grows as tall as it possibly can, digs it roots as deep as it possibly can, produces as much fruit as it possibly can! It doesn’t reach its half-way mark and decide, “Well, I’m just fine where I’m at. I don’t need to grow any more.”

This video reminds me of why I love personal development. It’s all about digging deep into ourselves and refusing to listen to that drifting voice that says, “Why bother? Things are fine just the way they are.” We have to make the decision to “Choose the ALL.” Choose the path of earning all you can, reading all you can, becoming all you can, and having as many experiences as you can.

Jim tells us that this path is actually easy! And when you think about it, you can see this is true. In the beginning, the disciplines required for self-growth and success are hard, but if you keep going, they become a part of you and you realize that you did actually choose a path that is not only better but also easier in the long run. As Jim Rohn once said:

We must all carry the weight of discipline

When you “Choose the ALL,” you’re choosing to live a life free of regret – a life where you can look back and say, “I didn’t leave anything on the table. I made the most of all I had to offer the world and all the world had to offer me.”

So shoot for all that is possible for you. Pick up the challenge and go for it! Resolve to seize every day as an opportunity to become a better person than you were yesterday. Make plans and execute them. Build good habits. Keep track of your progress. Make every day count toward a bigger you and a bigger future and go to bed every night knowing that you did your best. Because life feels better that way.


Michelle Rohr

MICHELLE ROHR // Secret OWL Society

Michelle enjoys blogging, anything related to personal development, making printables, and being a part of the FEA community.

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