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The Secret to Attracting More Abundance into Your Life // Motivation Monday

The secret to attracting more abundance into your life2

In this short and inspiring video, Oprah reminds us of the power of being grateful, even for the most basic things. I remember the moment when the concept of gratitude really clicked with me for the first time. It’s as if my world changed from black and white into color in an instant. Here are my 3 quick take-away’s from this week’s Motivation Monday video:

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 No matter what kind of challenges we are facing in life, there is always, always something to be grateful for.

And the worse the situation is, the more important it is for us to focus on what is good in our lives, because where focus goes, energy flows. Paying too much attention to our problems only extends them and makes things worse.

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“Being grateful for the $3 in your wallet will bring you $5 sooner than focusing on the $50 you don’t have.”

I LOVE this point that Oprah made. This can be applied to anything in life. So often we get down on ourselves when something in our lives isn’t where we want it to be – whether it’s the number of subscribers to our email list or the amount of money in our bank account. When we allow ourselves to feel like we are in a state of lacking something, we only create more lack in our life. So whatever you have, feel grateful for it. Really feel it and you’ll find more of what you want start to come into your life.

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Good feelings bring more good feelings. 

The opposite is true as well. When we launch into our day without taking the time to intentionally frame our mindset to be positive and inspired, we put ourselves into a position where we are blocking all the good things that could potentially come our way. This shows how incredibly important it is to start off your day with good feelings. Make the time to carve out 10-15 minutes every morning to watch a motivating video (like the one in this post) or read an inspiring book. As Oprah says, “Allow joy to rise in yourself.”

What do you think? Do you feel as though you’re taking advantage of the power of gratitude as much as you can? What are some things you do to stay grateful?


Michelle Rohr

MICHELLE ROHR // Secret OWL Society

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