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How to manage your social media in 3 simple steps

how to manage your social media + schedule example

Social media is a beast. 

Every single one of us needs to be utilising social media, but the truth is that it can be so darn overwhelming and time consuming to do effectively! I’m sure you know what I mean!

But there’s a way to tame the beast and today we’re going to show you how to do it :)

In this week’s video we were joined by social media expert Laura Roeder, who is the founder of the new social media managing software and she shared 3 steps you can take to manage your social media effectively.

(I would have gone insane if it weren’t for doing these 3 things!)

Have a watch below…


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So here’s Laura’s advice on how to stop the overwhelm and drain on your time and manage your social media with ease…

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When you post out on social media your content likely falls into different categories, such as:

// Blog posts

// Picture quotes

// Tips

// Questions

// Personal post/picture

// Promotion

So the first step in combating the social media beast is to identify your social media categories.

What content do you usually post out and what category would it fall under? 

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When you’re creating all of your social media content on the go, it can be overwhelming… you end up feeling like a content-making machine.

So batch your content. Create folders on your computer or Google Drive for the content categories you’ve created and build up a library of content. Create lots of picture quotes, tips, questions etc. (or whatever if relevant for you) and save them to your folder, so you have them ready to use.

Once you’ve done this it means that you don’t have to be constantly scrambling around for content to share. You already have it. And you can add to your folders over time and build up your library.

Remember that you can reuse your content, in fact you should reuse it. On the Female Entrepreneur Association’s fan page we post out the same picture quotes over and over again and each time they’ll get the lots of engagement. Why? Because they’re brilliant quotes that my audience love, so even if one of them has seen it before it doesn’t matter and secondly, people aren’t on social media 24/7, so only a small portion of my fans see my content at any one time, so it’s silly not to post it out again, because most of them missed it!!

TIP: Make sure the content you create is ridiculously amazing and created with your audience in mind. Set out to delight them :)

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This is crucial. You must create a social media schedule, so you know what you’re posting out and when you’re posting it out.

Without this, social media becomes overwhelming, time consuming and messy… basically it’s a beast.

The first time I created a schedule I felt like a weight had been lifted. All of a sudden I could see things clearly and it seemed way less overwhelming!

Here’s what you need to do to create your schedule:

1) work out what times of the day you want to post out

2) work out what you want to post out in each time slot

3) write it all up in a schedule, so you can see it on paper

4) schedule it!

Here’s an old version of my schedule for Facebook. I post out a lot and it doesn’t mean you have to, but use it to get an idea of how to use your schedule: 

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 19.22.27


So there you have it… 3 steps to taming the social media beast! In all seriousness, I would have gone insane if it weren’t for doing these 3 things.

Social media is an unbelievably powerful way for us to build our audiences and share our message, every single one of us needs to be doing it, but we must be clever about how we handle it.

You need to be strategic in order to get the results you want and following these 3 steps will enable you to do just that (+ save you your sanity!!)

As we’re talking about social media, I’d love to know what your favourite platform is, and why not leave a link to your profile in the comments below? 

Carrie xx

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