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Three ways to give yourself a promotion…in your own life!

Give yourself a promotion

Ever feel more like the understudy than the leading lady in your own life? Like you’re always rehearsing and waiting backstage and never getting your chance to shine and prove what you can do?

Here are three tips to give yourself a promotion in your own life and start seeing yourself as the true leading lady that you are and give yourself full permission to shine everyday, no matter what.

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What the heck does that mean? Standing in your power means that you take full responsibility for changing your situation. You make a solid commitment to yourself to do what it takes to get to where you know in your heart you are meant to be. It means being committed to learning, stepping out of your comfort zone, seeking help, prioritizing your time in order to complete the tasks that will be the foundation for your coming success.

It may even mean loving yourself more, being your number one supporter, making a consciousness effort to change your inner dialogue, and establishing daily self-care rituals.

Ultimately, it means that you believe with every fiber of your being that you are worthy and capable and therefore able to appropriately respond to your current situation and take the necessary steps to walk forward to where you would love to be in life. You have a divine right to live your best life and be the best version of yourself. There’s hope and power in that belief.

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Not literally clean your house, although, for some that might be a necessary step. If you were to think of your life as a business, in the exact state it is right now – with your current habits, routines, and organization – and you were the CEO of that business, would you be fired or stay hired? Be honest. If you would fire yourself, then there is some work to do! If our lives aren’t running successfully, how can we expect to run our own business successfully?

How we handle the small things inevitably dictates how we will handle the big things when they come.  Take an inventory of what is working in your life and what is not working – then clean house! Get rid of the things that aren’t serving the true you – the fully committed and dedicated entrepreneur you. Whether it be old belief systems, negative self-talk, poor organization skills, or procrastination. If it doesn’t serve, let it go. It was Gandhi who said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I’ll add, “Embody that super successful you now and the rest will flow.”

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I know, I know. We hear about gratitude EVERYWHERE. But, it’s so true!  A true entrepreneur makes an amazing something from nothing, and in order to do that, you must be open and willing to receive – in all forms, both tangible and intangible. This could be a form of inspiration for a new project, meeting a new client, having the willpower to meet a deadline, or simply having a great attitude everyday that attracts the necessary people and opportunities into your life and business.

It’s so much easier to be open to receiving when we are in a state of gratitude. Sometimes when we’re just getting started, we feel like we’re constantly fighting in the trenches in the battle for success and fulfillment. We lose sight of the ultimate objective and we get all caught up in the everyday struggles. We forget to be open and receptive to guidance, assistance, and inspiration in all its forms. We often forget about effortless success and the path of least resistance as an alternative route to get the desired outcome.

Whenever you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed or entrenched in the day-to-day worries and struggles, take a few moments to be thankful. Intentionally lift your awareness higher. What works best for you? You might visualize your success story from a future vantage point and give thanks there. You might meditate and give thanks for all that you have now. You might write a gratitude list. Try a few things out and find what works best for you. It’s so important to stay focused and part of staying focused is cultivating a sense of openness, calm, and unwavering faith in yourself, your mission, and your vision.


FEMI // Founder of Inherent Greatness

Femi is a life coach, inspiration junkie, and wholeheartedly committed to helping others uncover their truest and most authentic self in order to live their best life now. She is the founder of Follow her own Facebook and Twitter.

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