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4 ways to get your feet wet before becoming an entrepreneur

4 Ways to Get your Feet Wet Before Becoming an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur can be tough, especially for young adults who may not be financially independent. If you want to make the jump into owning your own business but aren’t quite ready, then here are several ways to try on the role of entrepreneur.

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Whether you’re interested in writing, consulting, or technology, freelancing is a great way to figure out what you’re best at. Doing some work on the side not only means extra money (to save towards your new business) but it also means valuable experience that will help you gain investors down the road. Plus, freelancing may help you discover a new passion or different offering that you could provide in your next project!

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f you’re currently working a 9-to-­5, you can still be an entrepreneur. Have you noticed a problem your company should address? Is there a complementary good or service that your company could provide? Creating a proposal (or a small scale demonstration) could get you recognition, a promotion, or even a brand new job! A note of caution: make sure to get permission from the higher-ups before you implement any plans at a large scale, since there may be factors you’re not thinking about!

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Companies like Chloe + Isabel or Stella and Dot are online social jewelry manufacturers who rely on merchandisers to sell their jewelry. Merchandisers are paid a commission (another great way to save money towards your new business). They are also given sales training and support, so you can learn to expand your network and give an elevator pitch!

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This may be a little difficult if you have a 9­-to-5, but I had a friend who started interning with a local start-up, which helped him get a job with another start­up down the road. Interning is a great way to get experience, expand your network, and make sure that entrepreneurship is something you’re ready for! My friend spent hours pouring over investor pitches, and ultimately decided that he wasn’t ready for his own venture just yet.

Inspired? Get your feet wet. Ask questions, make phone calls, comment on blog posts. The beauty of entrepreneurs is that they’re usually willing to help, because they’ve been there. They know the struggle of making a major decision about their lives, and if you ask them nicely, they’ll tell you about all of their mistakes, so that hopefully you can avoid them. Good luck and welcome to the world of entrepreneurship.


LEAH KUCK // Chloe + Isabel

Leah is a want-to-be entrepreneur working her 9-5 and then some to make that happen! She co-founded, and is a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel.Her favorite social media outlet is Twitter and you can find her @Chatwithleahk

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