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3 Fun and FREE Ways to Increase Your Organic Reach on Facebook


With Facebook moving to a pay-to-play model more than ever, small business owners are increasingly concerned about having to budget for reaching their audiences on this {still} hugely popular social network.

Luckily for you, there are ways you can still increase your reach organically and without having to dip into your marketing budget:

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People want to be a part of your community to engage with who you are and what your brand stands for.

Facebook stats, like reach and people talking about you is impacted by how many people like what you share and engage with it.

So, infuse your personality into your updates. Share content that takes people behind-the-scenes, helps them to get to know your better and gives them a reason to check out your page and see what you’re up to.

The more they visit your page and connect with your content, the more the chances they’ll see your updates in their feed organically.

Some examples of adding personality when you’re a product-based business:

Share “day in the life” style posts.

Talk about what you’re working on or “in the works” style photos.

Take people on a short, guided tour of your home or office or both!

Invite people to ask you questions or share their photos using your products.

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One of the things I always stress is that social media is about being social. And it’s so much easier to “socialize” with someone who’s positive, encouraging and inspiring.

I mean, would you hang out with a friend who’s constantly on a rant or whining or being negative about everything? Yeah, I guess not.

So, as a brand and small business owner, think about how you can inspire and encourage your community.

Again, the more they like what you have to share, the more you reach them. They’re inspired, you’re connecting. Win-win!

Easy ways to add some positivity:

Share photo quotes. Thanks to free tools, like Canva and Picmonkey, it’s SO easy for you to turn favorite quotes into gorgeous photos. Karen Gunton from has shared her tips in this interview with Carrie earlier.

Showcase random acts of kindness. Did someone pay for your coffee earlier today? Highlight it and thank them on your page.

Spotlight fans who connect with your page on a regular basis. Either feature them without them knowing or invite them and “interview” them.

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Again, it’s important that you be social on social media, rather than just “do” social.

So, socialize, interact, and make your Facebook page “the” place to hang out.


By hosting fun events, like a party or a Q and A session, right there on Facebook. Here’s a handy go-to guide to organize a Facebook party that rocks!!

Social events are a great way for a brand to connect with their community and vice-versa. Plus, they’re free and so much fun for everyone and are bound to have more people engaging with your page long after the event is over as well.

How will you be adding more fun and flavour to boost your Facebook page’s reach organically?


PRERNA MALIK // Social Media Direct

Author of Content Cookbook and co-founder of Social Media Direct, Prerna Malik offers gourmet content and community management solutions to time-starved entrepreneurs and industry leaders. Dig into the yumminess-filled and FREE Content Cookie Jar to get access to an ever-growing collection of checklists, guides and more to add sizzle to your smallbiz.

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