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5 Tactics for Positioning Yourself as an Expert Starting Today

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As an entrepreneur it’s important that you effectively position yourself as an expert. While you may not feel like it, I can guarantee that you are an expert on something!

The key to asserting that expertise is simply by starting to promote yourself. Don’t let self-doubt creep in; promoting your business is critical to helping you build your business – no matter where you may be in your journey.

Here’s 5 tactics you can use to position yourself as an expert, starting today…


Guest posts enable you to be the “guest star” on someone else’s site and share your ideas. To get started with guest posting, you want to identify websites or blogs that accept submissions and research what types of content they are looking for. From there, you can develop specific ideas and submit them for review.



Reporters and bloggers are always looking for experts. Make a list of places that would be a fit for you to be an expert and then start investigating how you can pitch yourself as an expert source.

Local morning shows, newspapers and magazines all rely on experts so get to know the key contacts and let them know you are happy to help.


Taking the stage is an amazing way to establish yourself as an expert. If you’ve never spoken before, start with smaller, local events to build your experience, and if you’ve rocked the stage multiple times, start looking for bigger, national events. Be sure to create a compelling talk and bio to use for pitching yourself and take the time to build relationships with speaking organizers.


Podcasting, which is like having your own radio show, is growing in popularity. If you enjoy the idea of creating audio content, this medium can be a great way to introduce yourself to new audiences and share your ideas. Before you jump in, listen to podcasts to get a feel for how you can be different and understand ways you can really showcase your knowledge so it will shine.



You are likely already using social media, but don’t shy away from using it as a way to connect and share your expertise. Think of how you can do a better job of sharing your knowledge as an expert via your own channels, and then where you can engage further. LinkedIn and Facebook Groups, along with Google+ Communities offer an amazing place for you to answer questions, be of service and have people get to know you as a go-to subject matter expert.

 As you get started with promoting yourself and really showing off your expertise, remember it may take some time for you to become better known, but using these tactics will go a long way to extending your reach. 

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Maggie Patterson is a copywriter + communications strategist who works with entrepreneurs to help them use content and promotion to meet business goals. She has over 15 years experience working hands-on with corporate giants to solopreneurs. You can connect with her at

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