I have a question for you:

What’s the biggest thing that’s held you back from achieving the things you want to achieve in business?

I’ve asked this question to lots of people over the years and all sorts of answers come back: time, money, lack of knowledge etc. but I think at the bottom of it all is one thing.


I know that the biggest thing that’s ever held me back in business is MYSELF (due to my irrational, and maybe sometime rational, fears). Even though I’d love to tell you it’s something else, I know that at the heart of the problem is me, myself and I.

I think this is probably true for most of us… if we’re being honest.

And that is totally fine. Fear is a human instinct, it’s normal and to some degree heathy. But the problems arise when we let them control our actions and hold us back.

So today I’m setting a challenge and I really hope you’ll join in…

Today I want you to do one thing that scares you.

But first, watch this video below, I shared 3 things to try to help you make sure your fears don’t hold you back and then leave a comment below and share what one thing you’re going to do today that scares you… the accountability and support will help you :)






Get a pen and a piece of paper and start writing down what you’re scared of, what holds you back & why it holds you back. Your mission is to get to the bottom of your fears – what it is that’s truly stopping you.

It’s only until you become consciously aware of your fears that you can actively do something about them.



Most of us probably have fears that have been engrained in us since we were children… so getting rid of them can be challenging (although never say never). However, while we might not be able to remove them, it doesn’t mean they have to stop us.

All you have to do is make the DECISION that you’re not going to let them stop you. Even if today you’re thinking “But I can’t because of X,Y and Z” if you know you want to stop letting them hold you back one day you will just decide and then you will do it.



Once you’ve made the decision to stop letting what scares you hold you back, all that’s left to do is take the plunge and do it. In the words of Sir Richard Branson…


So now all you need to do is think of one thing that scares you and do it. Maybe it’s a new idea you’ve been wanting to launch, maybe it’s a phone call you’ve been putting off, maybe it’s a freebie you’ve been meaning to put out into the world… whatever it is, big or small, take the challenge with us today and do it.

Let’s face our fears together and achieve wonderful things.

If there’s anything else that helps you to overcome your fears leave a comment below and share.

Carrie – the girl determined to face her fears – Green xx

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