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3 Things You Need To Do To Set Up Your Day For Success

As an entrepreneur one of the best things is having the freedom to do whatever you want to do, you get to decide what time you wake up, how much time you take off and what you do. However, I also find this the biggest curse too.

The idea of having the freedom to do whatever you want is so dreamy, but the reality is a little different… have you ever had a day where you wake up and struggle to get out of bed, because you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing, no one is telling you want to do or when to do it by, so you end up having a totally unproductive day? I have and I’m sure most us have!

The point is having all the freedom in the world can sometimes be the hardest thing to deal with… all of a sudden you have to decide what you do with your time, you have to be super motivated and focused in order to make stuff happen!

So in order to be an amazing boss for yourself and get stuff done, so that every day can be a successful one, here are 3 things to do when you wake up (or the night before)…

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Yes, I know it’s simple and obvious, but if you’re being honest with yourself how often do you really do this? If you do it every day then amazing, but if you don’t then start doing it.



Once you know what you want to achieve spend a few minutes writing down the steps you need to take in order to make it happen. When you know exactly what you need to do you’ll be able to get up in the morning much more easily, because you’ll know what your purpose is for the day. You’ll also be more focused and get more done.



Once you know what you need to do create a timetable for yourself and write down what time you want to work on each step and how long you want to work on each step for.

This is going to take your productivity to another level. When you can look at your daily plan and say “Ah it’s 3pm and right now I should be doing X” you’ll get less distracted, because you have a schedule to stick to, you’ll feel more motivated, because you know exactly what you need to be doing and everything will become so much easier.


When you get organised and become the master of your time, you’ll feel so much better and you’ll have way more successful days where you have breakthroughs and achieve lots of wonderful things.

So there you have it, 3 things you must to daily to set your day up for success! These things have transformed my days and I hope they transform yours just as much.

What things do you do daily that help you to have a successful day? Leave a comment below :)

Carrie x

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