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4 Steps to Build Your Online Network

I love the internet.

I love the fact that we can build relationships with people from all over the world more easily than ever before. I love the fact that you can find support communities online, full of people who genuinely want to help you succeed. It’s amazing and without my network I think I’d feel lost!

Let’s face it, building a business can be a lonely experience… and this is why it’s so important for us to tap into the power of online communities!

How can you do this?

Well, this week the amazing Sandy Sidhu shares 4 things you can do to build up your network online and tap in to online communities. Have a watch below and then share your comments below – are there any amazing communities you’re part of? Do you network online?


  1. Join a few different communities – specific ones, where everyone in it are doing the same thing as you and also join broader communities, where people are like-minded, but doing different things.
  2. Focus on serving first and promoting second – get involved in conversations, add value!
  3. Build the ‘know, like and trust’ factor. You’ve got to get out there and build those relationships, when you do people are far more likely to use your services.
  4. Focus on quality vs quantity. You want to develop a few key relationships – jump on a Skype call with people and develop the relationship further.

Head over to Sandy’s website >>

Carrie x

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