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How to get help with your business

In February we posted out a tip on our Facebook fan page that said:

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This is something that has been crucial for me in building my businesses – when I first got started when I was 20 I had ZERO idea what I was doing, so I needed all of the help I could get.

Now I’ve got an amazing network of incredible people who I can turn to for help and support, and they are essential to me – they’re like my power team. They share their amazing knowledge with me, the connect me with successful people I want to reach out to, they invite me to the best events, where I get to build my network further and they’re just brilliant people to chat to when I need a little boost.

But on the Facebook post I noticed that people were commenting saying things like “I am very bad at asking for help” and “who do I ask for help from?”

So I decided to do an episode all about how to find the right people to help you in business and then how to actually reach out to them and get help.

Shortly after I decided to do a feature on this I was introduced to Ashley Murry, the founder and host of the new podcast show She Foundhers, via John Lee Dumas (the founder and host of the podcast Entrepreneur on Fire). Ashley asked to interview me for her podcast show.

After the interview we got chatting and I was asking Ashley how she started her podcast and she began to tell me the story of how she reached out to John Lee Dumas and asked him to be her mentor… he said yes!

I was so blown away by her story, because it really goes to show what’s possible when you have the guts to ask, and so I asked Ashley if she’d share with everyone the steps she took to get John to become her mentor.

So, in this week’s episode Ashley shares her amazing story along with some powerful tips on how to reach out effectively and ask for help. Have a watch below.

Isn’t that story amazing? I was inspired by it and I hope you are too.

So make sure you:

  1. Get clear about who you would love help from (with special emphasis on finding people who you really resonate with).
  2. Research them like crazy – really get to know them. If they have products you can afford, buy them and learn, learn, learn.
  3. Reach out and really appreciate them – just like Ashley shared.

Don’t be afraid to ask – be bold and make sure your heart is in the right place and people will want to help you.

fortune favors the bold

I’d absolutely love to hear what you think about this – is asking for help something you struggle with? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts! And if you enjoyed this post and know others that you think might, please share it :)


See you next week!

Carrie x

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