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Entrepreneurs don’t get sick leave, so here are some quick health tips for you

We all probably have lots in common… running a business or thinking about starting, passionate and driven to build a successful business, you know that you have one life to really make something wonderful happen and you’re completely set on doing just that.

But there’s something else we all have in common – we all need our health in order to achieve all of the wonderful things we dream about.

However, here’s the problem I’ve found – I’m so focused on building my business and trying to achieve great things that I forget about how I’m treating my body. I don’t put half as much energy into my diet, health and fitness as I do to my business. I have my head stuck in my laptop, working, working, working away and I don’t really think much about what I am/am not eating and drinking.

I’m sure not all of us business owners are as bad as me, but I do know that I’m not the only one who struggles to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet with building a business.

And the truth is as entrepreneurs we don’t get sick leave. If we get ill it can have a huge impact on our businesses. So in this week’s episode Megan Roosevelt, founder of Healthy Grocery Girl and author of Superfoods for Life Coconut shares 3 simple, but powerful health tips, talks about the power of coconut and shares some amazing beauty secrets (I loved them!) have a watch below and then share your experiences and health tips in the comments below.

Try out Megan’s delicious recipe:

Coconut Cacao Truffles

Coconut Cacao Truffles

I hope you enjoyed this episode – I’m certainly going to be more mindful of how I prepare for my daily nutritionally from now on :) Leave a comment below and share your thoughts, tips & tricks!

See you next week!

Carrie x

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