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A Lesson In Landing Pages – Part Two

Jill is one half of a lifestyle entrepreneur duo who helps others ditch their day job in favour of building a business doing something they love. In this 6-Part Series, she will share some of her most savvy business tips and tricks.

Jill Stanton // Philippines // ScrewTheNineToFive // Lifestyle Entrepreneur

We’re jumping back in where we left off last week, but if you missed the first 3 tips, click here to catch up!

#3 404 Pages

Don’t you hate when you click a link and it’s broken? I sure do!

I mean, it’s frustrating and annoying when you can’t just view the page you wanted to see. So what do most people do? They click out of the page, unlikely to return again.

Well, what if you could target all of those broken links (you would be surprised at how many we all accumulate over the years) and use it as an opportunity to turn their experience around, with a 404 page that doubles as a lead-gen page.

Not only will it help to build your list, but you will never have to worry about losing a potential customer ever again to a broken link.

You can go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief now.

#2 Guest Post By-Lines

This is hands down one of my favourite ways to use landing pages because, well, I know first hand just how powerful guest posting can be for your business.

Just imagine the potent list building you could do with not only tapping into a new audience that might not have ever heard of you until now, but using a customized landing page that speaks directly to them!

What I mean by this is you can use your author bio to tease your opt-in offer and then include a link which takes that reader to your customized landing page that is built solely for them.

So if I were to use one for this post, I would create a landing page that says something along the lines of “Hi FEA’er!”. It’s such a simple tweak to your landing page, but one that will give the reader the allusion that you are speaking directly to them.

And nothing builds a relationship quicker than a simple personal touch.

#1 YouTube Videos

I have to admit, I was torn over which strategy should make the #1 spot.

After all, guest posts are the bee’s knees when it comes to mining a new audience and forming a relationship with the reader, but this strategy is one I have recently fallen in love with and cannot seem to get enough of.

Be honest now: How many of you thought you could only ever include a link in the description below your video?

*raises hand*

These days I know better because I recently stumbled onto external annotations in YouTube.

What the heck is an external annotation?

It is simply the process of including a link within your video that then links outside of YouTube and to whatever website you want!

I’m so jazzed about this strategy lately because not only are you targeting people who are actively listening to you at that very moment, but you can use these annotations to customize your links and calls to action—making them very enticing to the viewer.

So far I’ve seen the best way to do this is at the end of your video while bloopers or credits are rolling as it catches the viewer’s eye and sparks their curiosity.

From there, you can use the same technique I have been mentioning all throughout this post and customize the landing page to speak directly to the viewer.

Et voila! 6 strategic ways to leverage landing pages in your business and build your email list faster than ever before.

And here you were thinking lead generation was boring!

Your turn: Which of these strategies are you going to implement first? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!


Jill is an affiliate marketer and lifestyle business owner hell-bent on teaching others how to use affiliate marketing to replace their income and escape the 9-5. She can usually be found over at or scrolling through an endless stream of picture quotes on Facebook.

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