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3 Way to Success // Motivation Monday

A few years ago I started to become consciously aware that success is no accident. Being successful at anything in life is deliberate, so with that in mind I decided to go on a “Success Mission”.

My aim was to figure out how to apply strategies and lessons so that I could take very deliberate action to becoming more successful in my life. Throughout my mission I learned some incredibly powerful lessons and some of those are shared in this week’s Motivation Monday video by Tony Robbins.

Have a watch below and try out these 3 steps for success this week and see how it impacts you…

Here are the 3 things that Tony Robbins says effects your success:

  1. You need success strategies. This is the how – how you get things done, how you achieve things.
  2. You need the right story. This is all about the stories you tell yourself about what you can and can’t do or what is and isn’t possible for you. Tony says that if you have the wrong story you’ll either never find the right strategy or you won’t even look for it. Here’s an example of a story, “I’ve tried everything and it’s not worked” – if you have this story then you have no reason to ever look for a strategy of apply it. So change your story.
  3. Have a quality state of mind.


Give these 3 things a try this week and live an even more successful life!

Carrie x

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