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Create a Killer Call To Action // Weekend Wisdom

Do you have a landing page?

Well hot tip folks, your Call To Action is the most important part of it.

I know that creating something eye-catching, persuasive and effective can be tough sometimes. With that in mind, I’ve decided to share a few tips to help you create a killer Call To Action every single darn time!


1. Size Indeed Does Matter

You walk into a room and there’s an elephant and an ant, which do you notice first?

I think it goes without saying that your CTA should be larger than all the other elements on your landing page.

2. Be Obvious

What do you want your reader to do with your CTA? Chances are you want them to click ahead, but don’t put the fear of click in them. Tell them what they’ll be getting after they click and this will effectively bait them into following through.

Another way to accomplish this step is by being clear and concise. Don’t muck around folks, get to the point. For example, if you want someone to watch a video, write “Watch This Video.”

3. Give Value For a Click

This tip goes hand in hand with #2. Your audience wants to know what they’re getting for their money or contact details, so don’t disappoint. Tell them exactly what they will be getting or how you will be solving their problem.

Another way to give value is to make your customer feel at peace with the decision they are about to  make. Try using a secondary CTA. Whether you are selling a product or solving an issue, people like options. If you are selling a product, why not have a “Buy Now” call to action with a visibly smaller “try it for fee” option. A money-back guarantee also does the trick.

This option helps build trust, which can ultimately turn into future sales.

4. Urgency Is Key

No one wants to miss out on a great deal, so use this psychology to help overcome buyer hesitation.

Creating a limited-time offer or one time deal with your CTA will likely lead to an immediate purchase, but make sure it’s genuine. If you say it’s a limited-time offer, then make sure it really is.

5. Make It Visually Appealing

I’m not necessarily the most creative person in the world, but even I can recognize the importance of a visually appealing Call To Action.

Designing my CTA is often the most stressful part, so try implementing these quick tactics:

  • Create white space – it helps differentiate your CTA from the rest of your material and also visually communicates to the reader that this element is important.
  • Contrast your colours – create your CTA using a colour that strongly contrasts with the rest of your page to help it stand out. You don’t have to go crazy here, but have a little fun swapping up the colours.

Easy right? Take a peak through your past Call To Actions this weekend and try implementing these tips to see how big of a difference they make.

Until next weekend; stay healthy, happy and hungry!

Sabrina Taylor is a writer for the Female Entrepreneur Association, with a new Weekend Wisdom post out every Saturday to help keep you inspired over the weekend. Say Hello or simply enjoy her daily dose of sass by following her on Twitter.

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