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5 Branding Bombs To Avoid // Weekend Wisdom

As entrepreneurs, we all know that building our brand can sometimes be a challenge. We want to build a customer base that not only reflects the products we are selling, but trust us enough to buy them.

So, to avoid creating a name we wouldn’t want following us around, try avoiding these common branding bombs!


With so many personal brands popping up, we are all looking for a way to stand out. That being said, you should be wary of stereotyping and offending your audience simply because you want to stand out.
Having a diverse marketing group or at least a friendly sounding board, can prevent you from offending in the name of branding.


We often don’t realize when we’re being close minded, but it can have quite an impact on our brand.


Closing your mind prevents you from seeing the genius behind “different” ideas. Open yourself up and see how a little flexibility can benefit your brand.


Ok, so “sucks” is a little harsh, but choosing the right business name is essential. Your business name goes towards your branding.

Choosing a name that isn’t too long and is easy to remember is key. Be mindful of this before you register your domain, setup your hosting and start spreading the word.


When was the last time you got swindled and became a repeat customer? Chances are, never!

If you are making promises with your sales copy or marketing, but not following through, you will inadvertently be branding yourself as an untrustworthy business.

If you are going to make a promise, follow through. If something comes up, be honest, take responsibility, and apologize. This will brand you in a better light and chances are your audience will be much more forgiving.


My elementary school teachers would refer to dispassioned students as wet noodles. If you were uninterested, unenthused and totally not invested at your task at hand, you were a wet noodle.

As far as branding goes, if you are not passionate with what you are trying to build, people will see that. To really sell, you have appear emotionally invested, so if you aren’t interested, at least greatly fake it till you make it!

Branding is essential to the growth and success of your business, so mind these minefields and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Sabrina Taylor is a wanderlusting entrepreneur and proud contributor for the Female Entrepreneur Association. With a new Weekend Wisdom post out every Saturday, she aims to keep you inspired all weekend long. Say Hello or simply enjoy her daily dose of sass by following her on Twitter and Facebook.


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