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3 ways to make money beautifully in your business

Do you ever feel like you love what you do so much and find that it comes so easily and naturally to you that you feel like you should charge less or give it away for free?

I think this is something a lot of us entrepreneurs feel – we set off on a mission to turn our big vision into a business, to do something that is meaningful, to try and make a difference in the world. However, sometimes because we have such big hearts and a desire to help others or just give we forget to receive.

But in order to build a successful business it needs to be profitable – and it SHOULD be profitable, because you’re putting so much amazing value out into the world!

So how do you work on turning your vision into a reality and make the kind of money you’d love to make at the same time? The answer: by embracing making money beautifully.

In this week’s episode Tara Gentile, the founder of Kick Start Labs shares the mistakes a lot of entrepreneurs make when it comes to generating the money they deserve in business  (and it’s not by figuring out what you’re worth) and 3 things you can do right away to make money beautifully in your business.

Tara shared some amazing advice and I hope you find them helpful. Have a watch below and if you have any questions on money then head over to Twitter and ask Tara!

I loved Tara’s advice on how to find the right price to charge – it’s not about figuring out how much you’re worth (because you’re priceless!), it’s about figuring out the value of what you’re offering!

Choose to charge what you want

I hope you enjoyed this episode! I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic – is pricing and money something you’ve struggled with in your business? If so, what’s helped you? Leave a comment below.

See you next week for another dose of inspiration!

Carrie x

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