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7-Steps to creating your marketing funnel

I personally love marketing. I love coming up with new ideas to test out to reach and engage with more people! But sometimes I feel like my marketing can end up not being so effective – I’ll test out new things and then all of a sudden there’s different stuff going on and I have lost track of what’s even working! I’ll get sucked into to doing a million and one other things and take my eye off the marketing ball.

Well last week while I was at the Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego I definitely got my focus and attention drawn back to marketing. While I was away I decided to take some time to create a new marketing map of my business, so I could see exactly what’s been going on and it was so incredibly helpful, so I thought I’d share exactly what I did with you.

Excuse the terrible voice… I also picked up a cold :( if you know any good remedies I can try, leave a comment below and let me know! Watch the video or listen to the podcast to hear the 7-steps to mapping out your marketing funnel:


      1. How do you drive traffic?
      2. How to you capture new leads?
      3. How do you nurture those leads?
      4. How to your present your offer to those people?
      5. How do you make the sale?
      6. How do you deliver your product or service?
      7. How do you test, track and tweak?

Write it all down like mentioned in the video and create your marketing map!

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me. I would love to hear what other marketing tips and tricks you have – leave a comment below :)

See you next week for another dose of inspiration!

Carrie x

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