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How to follow your dreams & keep going

When you set out to follow your dreams it’s not always easy… firstly it can be a scary decision to make (lots of us just put off what we really want to do, because there’s always a reason for why now is not a good time), but once you do actually make that decision to go for it, it’s not always plain sailing! And someone who knows this well is Roz Savage.

In 2000, Roz seemed to have it all – high-flying career, successful husband, big house and even a little red sports car. But she felt there was a mismatch between the person she was pretending to be on the outside, and the person she wanted to be on the inside. Leaving behind her life as a City professional, she set out to row across the world’s oceans with the purpose of raising awareness of the heavy toll that human beings are taking on the Earth – but what she found was that whilst promoting her message she had the most powerful journey that gave her true meaning and happiness alone at sea.

Keep going!

Roz’s new book Stop Drifting, Start Rowing tells the story of her record-setting solo row across the Pacific Ocean for the first time. In the course of her voyage, Roz braved 20-foot waves, was capsized 3 times in 24 hours, faced death by dehydration, and broke her cooking stove, satellite system and all 4 of her oars. The ocean forced her to develop courage, tenacity, perseverance, and the strength to transcend self-imposed limits.

Here Roz shares how she found the courage to leave her job, how she managed to keep going and her tips for developing the mindset to succeed. This is going to leave you feeling inspired!

Find out more about Roz and her books here.

I would love to hear what you think – have there been times when you’ve faced huge setbacks and challenges? If so, how did you keep going? Leave a comment below and share your experiences and tips.

Carrie x


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