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Feeling stuck? Not sure what the best decision to make is? Watch this…

(Here’s the link to the other episode on ‘How to Charge What You’re Worth’ with Alexandra Watson, that I mentioned in the video)

I remember once having a confidence crisis… I’m not entirely sure what happened, but I just remember feeling like I didn’t know what the best decisions to make were anymore. It had a huge impact on me, because I didn’t have the confidence to put my ideas out there, to decide what the best price to charge was or to make big decisions.

I was always looking for someone else to tell me what the best thing was and I was always running ideas and decisions past other people – not for feedback (which is fine), but because in my heart I didn’t have the confidence in myself to just do it. I stopped trusting myself.

Disaster in business!!

I know that I’m not alone in this experience – I think lots of us in business, especially those of us who work by ourselves, can end up having a confidence crisis, where we stop trusting ourselves to make the best decisions and to move forward and we then find ourselves in a perpetual state of “I don’t know what to do, so I’ll do nothing”.

Confidence plays such a huge role in building a successful business – having the confidence to charge what you’re worth, having the confidence to test your ideas out, having the confidence to put yourself out there – it’s a big deal and without confidence, it’s hard to do these things.

If you ever feel like this then you have to watch this week’s episode with Alexandra Watson – she  shares two powerful steps to take to get the confidence to move forward.

Join us at Time to Shine 2013

She also talks about an event she has coming up called Time to Shine and how you can get a free ticket! I’m so excited about this event, because I’m going to be there! It’s in London on the 8th & 9th November, so if you can make it, let me know – I would love to meet up!

You can get a free ticket by entering in their Diamond Business Awards (which is free) – you need to email and mention the awards.

Head over to the website:


I hope you enjoy this video and hopefully I’ll see you in November!

Carrie x


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