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What to do when things are difficult

Have you ever felt like that? Like things are really difficult?

I remember this one time when I felt like that, I was getting so frustrated, because everything seemed hard. Nothing was moving, I felt stuck.

Then I came across the quote above, I felt like it was a little message I was meant to see at that precise time, because it made me realise instantly what my problem was… everything felt difficult because I was stuck, and I was stuck because I was holding back – I didn’t dare to go for it.

I realised in that moment that the way out was simple. All I had to do was let go and go for it. I had to have the courage to make it happen. I had to change what was going on inside of me – address the fears and let them go, so I could break free from the situation I found myself in.

Once I got my head around that, I had a decision to make – would I have the courage to let go of my fears and take the leap? Or would I keep holding myself back?

I chose the first option and then committed to it.

In all honesty, the biggest shift for me was the realisation of what was really going on and taking responsibility for it- for my thoughts, my beliefs, my choices and my actions. It was all of those things which had led to me feeling stuck and if I could get myself to that place then I new for certain that I could get myself out of it too.

You have to tap into the power within you to help you break through. Be aware of your thoughts – are they helping you or are they hindering you? Be aware of your beliefs – do you believe you will succeed or do you believe that you won’t be able to make it happen? If you don’t believe you can, why do you feel like that? What underlying beliefs do you have?

I came to the conclusion that we all have negative thoughts and beliefs – and that’s okay. But what’s important is that we have control over them, we can choose whether to let them go or to focus on them. So when you have negative thoughts just let it go (sometimes I say firmly to myself ‘STOP’ or sometimes I imagine throwing the thought behind my head) and then do something else, think of something else – shift your focus to something more positive.

I found that thought, by thought, by thought I began to change how I felt (I started to genuinely feel good) and I began to gain more control over my negative thoughts, until they didn’t bother me anymore.

The best part is that once I started to feel good, I found I had the courage to go for it.

So, next time you feel like things are difficult take a step back and figure out what’s really going on, take control and step into your power and then you can move forward with ease.

Carrie x

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