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The one thing that will make all the difference in your business

Have you ever wondered how you can build your list faster or get more sales, or how you can become an expert in your industry? how to create content that people will love and share.  Well I think there’s one really significant thing you need to do in order to make these things happen. It’s simple, yet so many of us forget to do it, but every single one of us is capable of doing it. And when you decide to do it, it will make ALL the difference to you, your business and the people you serve.

This one thing is so powerful and will help you to stand out so much and it’s this: BE EXTRAORDINARY.

Make the decision to be exceptional, to go the extra mile, to be remarkable and it will help you so much in life and in business.

Whenever you put something together to get more people to sign up to your email list go above and beyond and people will sign up and will love it and share it. If you want to get more sales, go the extra mile with the service you provide, like the taxi driver I talked about in the video.

Don’t be average, be exceptional.

You don’t need to be ridiculously talented in order to be extraordinary – we can all be extraordinary, we just have to make the decision that that’s what we’re going to be, day in, day out. Make the commitment to go above and beyond, to try you best at everything you do and people will want to do business with you, they’ll want to be associated with you, they will want to tell other people about you.

Being exceptional doesn’t mean doing big things for people or spending a fortune on going the extra mile – remember the little things count too. How you present yourself, how much time you take to develop yourself, to learn new skills to be the expert that you want to be. Being exceptional could be sending a thank you card to a customer, picking up the phone to someone to find out how they are doing. The little touches count, people will remember.

So make the decision today to be extraordinary and you will stand out, because most people forget to go above and beyond.

I would love to hear your comments on this – have you gone above and beyond in business? If so, what response did you get?

Carrie x

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