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It’s all okay, so keep going: here’s how

A conversation I had with someone prompted me to make this video. She was telling me she’d been having a disaster day and I said, “Oh don’t worry, I have them too!” and when I told her that, she felt relieved. I think so often we go through these down days – second guessing everything, questioning everything, doubting and worrying, and we feel like we’re alone. But the truth is, we all go through these times, I know I do and there is a very good reason for it!

Tony Robbins explains that there are 6 human needs that we all strive to meet in our life and the number 1 need is certainty. We all crave certainty to some degree, but the problem is that as entrepreneurs it’s the one thing we don’t have. We can’t be certain how things are going to work out, whether our businesses will thrive, whether people will love our ideas, whether we’ll be able to make it happen and that’s quite scary! So sometimes we fight the uncertainty – we completely resist it and push against it, because we want certainty and this leaves us second guessing everything and questioning everything… and then we end up having a disaster day! Urgh.

But the good part about it all is that it’s normal – it’s us just responding to life like normal human beings.

The main message I want to get across is this: it’s ok to have off days, but don’t give up. Don’t quit on yourself or your ideas, just keep going. I know far too many people who had amazing business ideas, but who fell into the trap of uncertainty and so gave up and I can’t help but think, ‘where would they be today if they’d just kept going?’.

In the video I share my experience of disaster days and what helps me to get through them and keep going. I hope you enjoy it.

So, next time you feel down, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Keep going – one small step at a time.

I would love to hear what you think about this – what helps you when you have an off day? Share your thoughts below!

Carrie x

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