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5 Steps to Guest Blogging + Free Workbook Printable

7-day guest blogging challenge

I was recently introduced to an amazing lady called Jill, through a mutual friend and so we arrange a Skype chat to talk about the wonderful world of business and find out more about each other. At first I had no idea why my friend had put us in touch, but I trust him, so I knew that it was going to be good… and it was.

First off we had to figure out the timezones, because I’m based in the UK and at the time Jill was flitting between Singapore and Thailand (I discovered that her and her husband spend their time travelling around the world and working from their laptops… by this point I was intrigued).

So once we got chatting I asked her about her business and she started telling me about how she has a few affiliate marketing websites that her and her husband started up 18 months ago. She told me that in the first few months they only made two sales and were feeling really disheartened by it all and didn’t know what else to try, until they stumbled across a “write for us” link on a competitor’s website.

From that moment on everything changed for them and they went on a “guest blogging mission”. She told me that she worked hard to get lots of guest blogging opportunities and within one month they’d had the first $1,000+ month and then within a couple more months they hit their first $5,000+ month and it’s been growing ever since.

After hearing her story I was blown away- I mean I knew that guest blogging was a good marketing tactic, but I didn’t realise that it was THAT GOOD.

So, I wanted to find out more – I wanted to discover a good strategy for guest blogging… and I thought you might like to know too, so I asked Jill if she’d be up for doing a video with me. So here it is!

I am on a guest blogging mission now and I hope you’ll join me! To help with this, we’ve created a 7-day Guest Blogging Challenge! It’s a free printable that you can download, print off and work through to help you along your guest blogging journey. My hope is that you will have made massive progress within 7 days! I’m definitely doing this challenge, are you going to join me?

blog challenge CLICK HERE

You can download your workbook here.

I hope you find all this helpful (I know I have!).

Leave a comment below and let us know if you’ve guest blogged before and if so how has it helps and are there any tips you can share?

Carrie x

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