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Create a Memory Book of Your Business

By Caroline Maria

I am so blessed to be getting married in a short time.  Trying to keep my business going steadily as an entrepreneur and organise a wedding, has left me with very little time to actually try and enjoy the process.  With this in mind, I sat down last night to look through the beautiful Memory Book my bridesmaids gave me filled with precious moments all through my life and it suddenly dawned on me….wouldn’t this be an amazing thing for us entrepreneurs to do….to create a Memory Book of our business life to date.

How many of you are working so hard, working on the next goal and the goal after that, constantly trying to maintain a positive frame of mind as well as a high level of self belief?  I would imagine this is most of us.  Now, how many of you take time to look back at what you have achieved, how you got from an idea in your head to something bigger?  Well, this is the time!

After I finished looking at my Memory Book and being filled with such joy, I began to start going through my files and boxes that I keep for my business.  In these, I found my first ever business card and how I laughed at how unprofessional it was.  I then found all my other business cards I have had through the past 5 years, as well as my first Magazine review and the first issue of the magazine I write for.  I then opened my emails and looked at my first emails from clients booking appointments and remembered the excited and overwhelmed feeling I got.  I also found a Webinar I had created where I only had 25 people to invite.  I look at where I am now with a great client base, a successful column and a drive and motivation to succeed even more.

I am taking all of the things I found and buying myself a beautiful scrap book to place these in.  Like many entrepreneurs, I go through low periods in confidence, feeling extremely fearful and anxious.  I also question if I am cut out to run a business all by myself and achieve more success.  The happiness and motivation I felt looking at those pieces was amazing and I would love to have something physical to pick up from time-to-time to look at what I have achieved and feel excited for the time when I can add more to it.

I would love this article to inspire all of you fantastic female entrepreneurs to stop and take stock of all the amazing things you have achieved, no matter what step on the ladder you are at.  Print off emails, cut out photos, even write letters to yourself explaining what you have done…starting right back at the very start.  Create your own Memory Book and use this as self-inspired daily motivation.

Caroline Maria, Ireland 

Caroline Maria is an entrepreneur who as an Intuitive Tarot Reader has worked with clients in Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy and the United States.  Through working with her clients she saw a deep need for people to lead their lives according to the aspects that make them who they are and to uncover their hidden potential.  Caroline Maria provides a 2 month online course ‘The Real You’, has written an eBook on creating all that your desire ‘The Joy of Manifesting ~ Simple Steps on How to Allow’ and has developed Relaxation and Guided Meditation Audios to help people connect with themselves.  All details are available on or through Facebook on ‘The Joy of Manifesting’ 

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