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3 steps to getting rid of self-doubt

The road to achieving amazing things is going to get bumpy at times – it’s just the nature of life. It’s not these bumps that will stop you from achieving what you want; it’s how you choose to respond to those bumps. When you’re faced with adversity how will you choose to respond? Will you fight to keep going or will you give in? It all depends on your frame of mind. So, the question is, are you programmed to succeed or are you programmed to fail?

The decisions you make every single day determine your future, are you making good decisions or bad decisions? Are you on track right now or are you not?

If you are on track right now, chances are that you’ve been making good decisions. If however you’re not where you want to be it’s likely that you’ve not been making the best decisions for yourself.

We make decisions based upon our frame of mind, our attitude, how we’re feeling at that moment in time. So, having the right mindset and attitude is a critical factor in how successful we can become.

Everything you have ever created started in your mind as a thought or a feeling. If you have a positive frame of mind there’s a much higher chance that you’ll have a positive outcome.

I’m not saying that every second of every day you have to be positive and know where you’re going and what you’re doing, but I am saying that it’s important to listen to the positive voice inside your head – the one that tells you that you can do it and you are good enough and talented enough and worthy enough, rather than listening to the negative voice which fills your mind with doubts and confusion.

If you have a positive frame of mind the decisions you make will be much better – and remember that it’s your decisions that create your destiny.


It’s in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped. Choose now, choose well.”

{Tony Robbins}


However, what happens if you’ve got into the habit of thinking negative thoughts, feeling negative emotions and making bad decisions most of the time?

Do you ever think things like…

  • I can’t do this!
  • Other people are better, smarter, more worthy than me.
  • What do I know anyway?
  • What will other people think if I do this?
  • I can’t risk failure.
  • Success is for others but not for the likes of me!


These types of negative thoughts create negative emotions and you end up feeling bad, demotivated – you end up wanting to give up.  These thoughts and feelings are creating a future that you don’t really want. However, just as you got into the habit of thinking negatively, you can get into the habit of thinking positively and feeling successful.

Feeling successful

Feeling successful is a habit that most people have never consciously done, but you can start to make feeling successful a habit you do every day. The key is to make it as easy as possible to feel successful on a daily basis.

What things could you do that would make you feel successful and that would be easy to do? What if you made one important call, went to the gym, learned something new? Would you feel good about that? Make it really easy because most people only allow themselves to feel successful if they achieve big things, which means they are putting off feeling good. The easier we make it to feel good then the simpler it becomes to be even more successful.


Exercise: Getting rid of self-doubt and negative thoughts.


Things for you to do

Step one

Start to pay more attention to your thoughts – what is your inner voice saying most of the time? Are most of your thoughts positive or negative ones? Do you tend to talk yourself out of doing things or encourage yourself to do it?

Step two

Every time you have a doubt or a negative thought stop and throw the thought behind you – actually visualise this (you can also try to shrink the image in your mind until it disappears.) This takes practice, so if it seems a little ridiculous at first, keep going with it.

Step Three

Once you have got rid of the thought immediately replace it with a positive thought, one that makes you feel good and confident.

If you’re not used to doing this then just keep practicing it and soon you’ll start to do it naturally and at some point the negative and worrying thoughts won’t have the same impact on you.

I hope these steps help you!

Carrie x

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