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It’s all in the planning

I am a great believer that if you fail to plan you plan to fail, which is why when I set up my Personal Styling business 3 years ago I planned and set up everything I thought I needed to launch my business whilst doing my training.

I didn’t have any money to set up my business just guts & determination to succeed, so in the first year everything I did I had to do in the most cost effective way. I borrowed £4,500 from my lovely hubby for my Personal Styling course and was determined to pay him back as fast as I could. I knew I would hit obstacles along the way, but I knew deep in my heart I would make a success of my new business.

During my 12 week course I decided to start my marketing activities so that when my course was finished I had clients in my diary, well that was my plan!

I bought my domain name and developed a free website using Microsoft Office. It wasn’t brilliant, but it certainly did the trick to start getting the word out there of who I was and what I did. I designed posters to pop up in local shops, school and health clubs and walked the dog miles whilst posting flyers in as many front doors as I could.

I had business cards made using an online printer company and in my mind I was ready for business.

The next step was to learn as fast as I could all about social media, I set up accounts on Twitter, developed a business page on Facebook and became a member of LinkedIn. I didn’t know if any of these would help my business, but I what did I have to lose?

I also went to lots of networking groups to obtain a presence and see who I could partner with, but also to see what I could learn from others far more experienced than myself.

I have always been known as someone who is not backward in coming forward, so I approached local magazine editors to write about me and how I had left a corporate organisation after the birth of my twins to set up my own business that worked around my family. This was great PR for my new business .

I started my training in March 2009 and in June 2009 launched my business with a full diary, great new contacts and both a web and social media presence.  It certainly has not all been a bed of roses, but with a positive attitude I believe you can achieve anything you want to – and with a little planning even more.

Oh and by the way I paid my husband, Dave, back the whole £4,500 by October 2009!

By Lisa Talbot, Personal Stylist, UK

Lisa is an award winning personal stylist. She’s well known for being helpful, warm and friendly in her approach to helping you get a better understanding of colours and shapes that will suit you. Lisa applies that to your personality, lifestyle and budget to help you develop a new or revitalised wardrobe. Appearing on QVC, writing style editorials and presenting at the vitality show, Lisa is passionate in guiding you to not only look good, but feel good too.

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