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Get unstuck by tapping into your intuition

How many times have you felt at a crossroad, because you didn’t know the best decision to make? My guess is that it’s probably happened once or twice along your entrepreneurial journey… it’s definitely happened to me. Sometimes we get stuck going round and round in circles, because we don’t know what the best decision to make is, but something that can really help in these situations is our intuition.

Intuition is such a powerful tool we can use to help us in business. I’ve found that the more I’ve been able to tap into my intuition the faster I can make good decisions that help me to make progress towards achieving my goals.

All you need to do is learn how to tap into your intuition and understand what to pay attention to and what to ignore, and to help you with that I’ve asked intuitive expert Jolene Setterfield to come and share some of her top strategies!

Jolene is a successful entrepreneur and an intuitive teacher. She writes for Soul & Spirit magazine and the Huffington Post and she’s also been featured on Psychic TV. 

So, join us at 4.30pm UK time (11.30am east coast/8.30am west coast) for a live Google Hangout where Jolene will be sharing steps you can take to tap into your intuition and she’ll also be doing some exercises live on the hangout!

I’m also really excited to announce that we’re going to be running an Intuitive Entrepreneur 4-week e-course later on this year with Jolene, where we’re going to cover…

  • Blasting through your blocks and eliminating OLD patterns which have kept you stuck
  • Creating a clear focused plan for you to move forward positively and effectively in your business
  • How to clear away old energy which may be holding you back
  • Creating new and effective ways of working – creating a whole new organised, easy and structured way to start your day in the most perfect setting
  • Creating a life YOU want, which works for you
  • Understanding energy and how it influences everything we do in life
  • Experiencing live guided meditations, journeying and positive energy exercises during the live calls
  • Helping connect you to your own intuition – something which will serve you for LIFE.
If you’re interested to know more about this e-course and get on the early bird list then click here to discover more.

Hopefully see you there!

Carrie x


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