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Try this when you feel like giving up

To jump straight to the steps go to 2.55 minutes in on the podcast and 2.24 minutes in on the video.

I recently went on an adventure and found an amazing river down in a canyon. As I sat there looking at the river I had one of those moments where you take a step back from the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life and see the big picture of life – how amazing it all is and how precious our time is here. It made me think about how important it is to soak up life, enjoy the ride and not get so caught up in the little things (that can sometimes seem massive!).

I often find that the moment you set a goal, or set your sights on achieving some amazing, obstacles pop up left, right and centre! You end up feel like all of your focus is being drawn to all these little (and sometimes big) problems. Then the doubts creep in, “can I really do this?” “what am I thinking!!” “maybe I should give up”. It can be easy to get consumed in the trials and tribulations and end up feeling like things are hopeless. The truth is the pursuit of a dream is not always easy.

I recently received an email from someone who felt just like this and she wanted some advice, so I asked her if it would be ok for me to share her email and respond to her questions in video.

Watch the video or download the podcast for inspiration on what to do when you feel like things are a little bit hopeless. There are 3 main things I do whenever I feel like this and I hope they help you as much as they help me.

Sometimes I feel like we just need a little reminder – whether it’s from seeing something beautiful, hearing something inspiring, watching a movie, going on a walk – that makes us realise how amazing and precious life is and how we really need to make the most of it. If there is a big dream you want to reach, take a step back to look at the grand scheme of life and realise that you can make it happen. What is life about if it’s not about trying to follow your heart and your dreams?

I would love you to leave a comment and share any advice and tips you have.

Carrie x

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